Upcoming Announcement!

Witchy brew3Hello all,  I hope you are all having a fun and safe weekend!  Along with our 3 lovely entertainers Spiral Rhythm, Arthur Hinds and Blue Spirit Wheel, I also have one more exciting surprise announcement brewing up in my witchy cauldron.  Any guesses???  Some of you may have seen them at a private party last night, or you may have recently seen them at Smith’s Old Bar.  Others may be planning to check them out at the Moonshadow.  For some of you, this group is already a favorite.  For some of you, they may be new.  Whatever your situation, I hope you enjoy!!!

We have a number of vendor registrations in process.  Below is the current list of confirmed booths and tables.  If you are interested in vending, make sure to fill out an interest form.  Someone will get back to you with more information and a registration link, as long as we can still accommodate your request.  Interest form is available at www.atlantapaganpride.org

Confirmed Booths and Tables:

  • The Unicorn Tradition
  • The Ravenwood Tradition
  • Creations of Earth and Fire
  • Canes & Wands
  • Temperance Tarot
  • Circle of the Sacred Drum and the CSD School of Shamanism
  • People Embracing Change
  • Our Father’s House, Our Mother’s Cabinets
  • La Buona Vita
  • Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
  • Sacred Metaphysical Sisters
  • RockBelly
  • 3 Starving Artists
  • Horns of Herne Home Arts & Belham Apothecary
  • Mountain Gypsy Spirit
  • Grove of the Red Earth, ADF
  • EnergyWeaver
  • North Georgia Healing Arts


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1 Response to Upcoming Announcement!

  1. angelia christenson says:

    does anyone know if the lady from murphy north carolina that had a booth with jewelry and such in her booth will be there again. We’ve been talking to one another from her booth up there for YEARS and we have yet to exchange names or emails and i love seeing her. She is a blessed soul and all should support her work.

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